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After an extended stay in Frankfurt/Main and then Los Angeles, Barbara Wallner, a native of Vienna, returned to her place of birth to complete her study of art with, among others, Professor Helmut Margreiter (painting).
Ms Wallner’s Mixed Media technique means that she uses a wide variety of materials such as charcoal, crayon, sand, pigments or collages. She participated at a variety of group and single exhibitions, such as at the Palais Esterhazy, the Loos Haus or Gallery Klasan in Vienna, as well as at Int.Art Fairs, among others the Discovery Art Fair in Cologne or the Int.Art Fair in Amsterdam. Her works hang in Austria, Sweden, Germany, Czechoslovakia ,USA and the Neatherlands.

She says about herself:
“I am profoundly inquisitive. When I retreat into myself I find undiscovered aspects of both myself and my painting, and it seems that something can be created out of this infinite opportunity. This, for me, is the ultimate freedom, It reflects my feeling of great fulfilment when I stand back and I am surprised at the result. Development and versatility are so important to me.”

Prof. Margreiter about Barbara Wallner:
“Her intention is ‚to open a window to inquiry, wonder and revelation beyond the borders of external perception. Her work also bears witness to her love of colour, her intense joy in the interplay of colours with strong contrasts, synonymous with the language of colour.